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There’s nothing more exciting than bangin’ bars with your buddies & squirtin’ dirt on your pit bike, so why not take it to the next level with your very own Pit Bike Junkie Race Team to compete at your local track!

Pit Bike Junkie / Piranha Race Team - Headquarted In St. Louis, MO

We’ve done all the work for you by assembling some of the best Pit Bike companies in the business.  Pit Bike Junkie has designed a Team Sponsorship package that includes race ready pit bikes, parts, gear & accessories and we can provide you with technical & set-up information that will make your Team bike out-perform every other bike on the track.  Can you say...“Hole-shot!” We can provide you with recommendations on how to equip your Team support trailer, what spare parts & tools to bring, how to set up at the track & how to attract riders to your Team.  We can even provide you with Team shirts for your riders & support crew so you will have a professional image wherever you go. Let’s face it, serious racers want to get sponsored, and sponsors want a lot of bang for their buck, and with Pit Bike Junkie Magazine they get it!  When you post photos & videos on Pit Bike Junkie Magazine you are promoting your team, your riders, your sponsors & the tracks in your local area. Join our efforts!  When we buy, practice, ride & race as a Team…  We WIN as a Team! Go to the Contact page and call or shoot us an email for all the details on how you can become a Team Owner or Team Rider with Pit Bike Junkie Magazine. CAUTION:  No Crybabies Allowed!!!