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Round 8 – 2013 Sho-Me State Pitbike Series – Riverbottom MX

031October 22, 2013 – St. Louis, MO: The Sho-Me State Pit Bike Series moved to Riverbottom MX at Crybaby Campground in Osage Beach, MO. for Round 8 racing. With 3 team riders out for the season, it would be up to Pit Bike Junkie co-founders, “Fantasy” Jim & James “Professor” Smoot to bring home the gold. The father/son duo had just won the track championship titles at Midway Speedway but there were two more races to determine the State Championship titles. Both riders were on their new factory Piranha P190R-4V pit bikes with the 4 valve Daytona motor. The Professor was in the series lead in the 12” Amateur class and would only need to complete both motos to take the championship, but just finishing was not in his vocabulary. “Let’s win this thing” he shouted as he rolled to the gate. When the gate dropped three riders quickly left the pack behind. Jon Schneider, out of Topeka, KS., who had just picked up his Pit Bike Junkie prepared Piranha 190 the week before, took the holeshot & lead. The 50 Farm team rider Zack Martin out of the Chicago area was 2nd and the Professor was 3rd. The three battled it out for 3 laps within feet of each other while the track announcer was screaming that this was the most exciting race of the day! Suddenly, just over the finish-line jump, Schneider lost front wheel traction and nearly crashed. Martin & Smoot quickly made the pass finishing 1st & 2nd with Schneider a 3rd. In Moto 2 the Professor would get the holeshot and would lead for nearly 3 laps when Martin made the pass. The talented Martin simply out-road the Piranha 190’s raw power and finished the day with 2 moto wins for The 50 Farm crew. The two Piranha riders would end up 2nd & 3rd overall with the Professor locking in the State Championship title. In the always entertaining Vet class, “Fantasy” Jim was one point out of 1st place, but when series leader Doug “Nick Novice” Scrounce was a no show, the “world’s oldest pit bike racer” would automatically move into the series lead by just completing the race. On the gate in moto 1 were Piranha riders “Mad” Mike Gilstrap & Walter Ray. In a race similar to the 12” class, the 3 riders would battle it out to the last lap. “Mad” Mike would take two 1st place wins while “Fantasy” Jim would end up with 2 hole-shots and 2nd overall and Walter Ray would finish a close 3rd. The FINAL RACE of the series is on Oct. 27th at Hwy 65mx in Sedalia, MO. Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Team Results Round 8: 2nd place 12” Am – James “Professor” Smoot (hole-shot moto 2) 2nd place Vet – “Fantasy” Jim (hole-shot both motos) Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Team Series Results as of Round 8: 1st place 12” Am – James “Professor” Smoot – 2013 State Champion 2nd place 12” Am – Cody Dempsey 3rd place 12” Am – Hank “Hot-shoe” Cahill 1st place Vet – “Fantasy” Jim – Series Leader & current Hole-shot King (13 of 16) 3rd place 12” Pro – Jake “the Assassin” Payne Results for Piranha Riders: Ron Pepper is ranked #3 in the Vet class riding a Piranha P150R-4V. Walter Ray is tied for #3 in the Vet class riding a Piranha P150R-4V. “Mad” Mike Gilstrap has blazed onto the Vet scene with his new Piranha P190R-4V and has taken two 1st place & two 3rd place podiums and a hole-shot award in his first 4 races and is now ranked #5. The Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Race Team is sponsored by OnealMX, TBparts, Pit Posse, Outlaw Racing Products, Piranha Pit Bikes, Wholesale Cycle & SourceMX. 20131020_16343620131020_16343420131020_16343220131020_16343020131020_16331720131020_16311720131020_16311520131020_15381920131020_15381620131020_15381520131019_12324420131019_123209031028023019017016014