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Round 7 – 2013 Sho-Me State Pitbike Series – Midway Speedway

#42 James Smoot catching a bermOctober 1, 2013 – St. Louis, MO: Father/son team and Pit Bike co-founders "Fantasy" Jim & James "Professor" Smoot win Track Championship titles at Midway Speedway. Piloting their new Piranha P190R-4V pit bikes, the duo took 2 hole-shots & 2 moto wins (each) in the final race of the track series. Midway has a 5 round schedule that is part of the 9 round schedule of the Sho-Me State Pit Bike Series. The "Professor" is currently ranked #1 in the state series in the 12" amateur class while "Fantasy" Jim, the “world’s oldest pit bike racer” is ranked #2 in the Vet class (one point out of 1st place). There are 2 races to go to determine the State Champions.           Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Team Results Round 7: 1st place 12” Am – James “Professor” Smoot (hole-shot both motos) 1st place Vet – “Fantasy” Jim (hole-shot both motos) Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Team Series Results as of Round 7: 1st place 12” Am – James “Professor” Smoot 2nd place 12” Am – Cody Dempsey 3rd place 12” Am – Hank “Hot-shoe” Cahill 2nd place Vet – “Fantasy” Jim & current Hole-shot King (11 of 14) 3rd place 12” Pro – Jake “the Assassin” Payne Honorable Mentions for Piranha Riders: Ron Pepper is ranked #3 in the Vet class riding a Piranha P150R-4V & Piranha P140R-12. Walter Ray is ranked #4 in the Vet class riding a Piranha P150R-4V. “Mad” Mike Gilstrap has blazed onto the Vet scene with his new Piranha P190R-4V and has taken a 1st place, a hole-shot award & two 3rd place podiums in his first 3 races. The Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Race Team is sponsored by OnealMX, TBparts, Pit Posse, Outlaw Racing Products, Piranha Pit Bikes, Wholesale Cycle & SourceMX. #42 James Smoot catching a berm00720130929_11004920130929_15585020130929_15592620130929_16000720130929_16002620130929_16004820130929_16013720130929_16020820130929_16022420130929_16023020130929_16023420130929_16024520130929_16031220130929_16035020130929_16042720130929_16073820130929_16074420130929_16094520130929_16103220130929_161158bth_Round7Midway032