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Round 4 – 2013 Sho-Me State Pitbike Series – Midway Speedway

045August 27, 2013 – St. Louis, MO: The competitors in the Sho-Me State Pit Bike Series returned to their home track at Midway Speedway in Lebanon, MO for Round 4 action. In the ultra-competitive 12” Amateur class…Team rider Hank “Hot-Shoe” Cahill (current point’s leader) battled it out with last year’s State Champion Kyle LeBeau. Cahill would be 2nd into the first turn in both motos and was hot on the back wheel of LeBeau but just couldn’t get enough speed to make the pass. Hank would end up with a 2nd overall for the day and would retain his 1st place standings as the series leader. Cahill’s Piranha teammates Cody Dempsey and James “Professor” Smoot would finish 3rd & 4th for the day. In the Vet class…Pit Bike Junkie Publisher ”Fantasy” Jim (the world’s oldest pit bike racer) took the holeshot in moto 1 but in a repeat of last week’s race the series leader Doug “Nick Novice” Scrounce (#1 ranked Kawasaki pilot) would make the pass for a 1st place finish while “F.J.” would finish in 2nd. In Moto 2 “Fantasy” would again take the holeshot but “Nick Novice” quickly made the pass. The two on-the-gas Vets would battle it out wheel to wheel till the very last corner on the last lap when both riders unexpectedly went down! New Piranha/Daytona rider Walter Ray had been stalking the leaders and slipped by for a 1st place finish. “Fantasy” Jim was the quickest to get back on the track to beat Scrounce to the finish line. The top 3 Vets would all finish the day with 4 points each with moto 2 determining the day’s results. Overall results were: 1st place – Walter Ray (3/1)…2nd place “Fantasy” Jim (2/2)…3rd place Doug Scrounce (1/3). With his 2nd place finish in Round 4 “Fantasy” Jim would move into the Series lead by 1 point over “Nick Novice”. Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Team Results: 2nd place 12” Am – Hank “Hot-Shoe” Cahill 3rd place 12” Am – Cody Dempsey 4th place 12” Am – James “Professor” Smoot 2nd place Vet – “Fantasy” Jim – Holeshot Award (both Motos) Series Results as of Round 4: 1st place 12” Am – Hank “Hot-Shoe” Cahill 1st place Vet – “Fantasy” Jim & current holeshot leader (8 of 8) 2nd place 12” Pro – Jake “the Assassin” Payne 2nd place 12” Am – Cody Dempsey 3rd place 12” Am – James “Professor” Smoot The Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Race Team is sponsored by OnealMX, TBparts, Pit Posse, Outlaw Racing Products, Piranha Pit Bikes, Wholesale Cycle & SourceMX. The ShoMe State Pit Bike Series has a 9 race schedule with 5 races that make up a track championship at Midway Speedway and 4 additional races that make up the full Series. Awards will be given for both track champions & state champions for all combined races. 047005006007008018020024025026027032033037040