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Round 6 – 2012 Sho-Me State Pitbike Series

Race Report Round 6 – Sho-Me State Pitbike Series September 14, 2012 – St. Louis, MO: After multiple days of rain the racers of the ShoMe State Pit Bike Series were greeted to a sunny day & a perfectly groomed track when the series returned to Midway Speedway in Lebanon, MO. (thanks to the efforts of track owner Jack Jones). Vet series points leader “Fantasy” Jim was battling to keep his 1st place position coming to the starting line with only a 2 point lead ahead of the #2 rider. “Fantasy” (the world’s oldest pit bike racer) took the holeshot in Moto 1 but couldn’t hold off his charging rivals finishing a 3rd place. Jim took the holeshot again in Moto 2 but Pit Bike Junkie team mate John Huskey (riding the new Piranha/Daytona bike) took over the lead after 1 lap and ran in 1st place all the way to the checkered flag for the overall win. “Fantasy” Jim increased his overall lead to 4 points and now John Huskey is within striking distance of taking over 2nd place in the series Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Team Results for Round 6: 1st place Vet. – John Huskey 1st place Youth – Evan Huskey 1st place Beginner – Josh Loyd 2nd place Vet – “Fantasy” Jim (Holeshot Award Moto 1 & 2) 2nd place 10” Am – Zach “Xero” Smoot 2nd place 12” Am – James “Professor” Smoot The Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Race Team is sponsored by OnealMX, TBparts, Pit Posse, Outlaw Racing Products, & SourceMX. The ShoMe State Pit Bike Series has 2 remaining races at Mudville USA in Bourbon, MO & Riverbottom MX at Crybaby Campground in Lake of the Ozarks, MO to finish its 8 race schedule & determine the 2012 State Champion titles. dsc01617dsc01641dsc01643dsc01644dsc01645dsc01646dsc01648dsc01649dsc01650dsc01652dsc01656