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First Fire – Pro Racer Josh Garner’s 190 Race Bike

After a full day of hardcore race prep, "Fantasy" Jim fires up Pit Bike Junkie Magazine's pro pit bike racer Josh Garner's Piranha P190R-4V race bike. The smoke is from the new heat wrap.

Pit Bike Racing is Back! The 2014 Sho-Me State Pit Bike Series! Mini Motocross!

The most FUN you will ever have on 2 wheels! Banging bars & squirting dirt on your pit bike! Much "safer" & far less expensive than big bikes! Classes for all ages, all skill levels & all pit bike sizes! Youths, Beginners, Women, Amateurs, Vets & Pros! Everyone can have FUN with pit bike racing! Our youngest rider is 5yrs & our oldest rider is 60yrs! A great way to stay in shape and hone your riding skills! Old guys get off that couch and relive your glory days of racing! Young guys put down those video games & experience real action! Mini-moto mayhem with all the thrills of motocross in a FUN family atmosphere! Dads, moms & kids, it's time to go racing!!!

Pit Bike Junkie Magazine – New Piston And Rings – Break-In Procedure

We decided to put in a high-compression piston, and rings. The Piranha 190 is already a 25+ hp bike, and now with this new piston and fresh cylinder hone, we'll be pushing enough power to rip the tire right out of the rimlock! Also, I very briefly describe the break-in procedure that we used to make sure the rings seat correctly.

Pit Bike Racing – Vintage Bike Racing – High-Octane Motocross Racing & Rider Interviews

Check out this action-packed motocross video! Pit Bike and Vintage Bike racers join forces at River Bottom MX for an epic race weekend! Starting gate mayhem, huge jumps, racer interviews, and plenty of full-throttle action-packed motocross racing! Editor's Note: The music is not supposed to sound like that. There is also supposed to be the National Anthem playing during the video segment with the American Flag. I spent several hours troubleshooting, and still couldn't get the video to render correctly. I apologize.

Pit Bike Trail Riding – Crybaby Campground – River Bottom MX – Osage Beach

A quick trail riding adventure through the Ozark mountains.

Pit Bike Racing – 3-Way Battle For 1st – River Bottom MX – Osage Beach

An epic 3-way battle for 1st during the first moto! Check it out!

Pit Bike Racing – Hosted By Pit Bike Junkie Magazine

An exciting look into the action-packed world of pit bike racing! Jumps, crashes, starting gate mayhem, block passes, squirting dirt & banging bars!

Mudville USA – Pit Bike Party Weekend – Exciting Bar-To-Bar Motocross Racing On Minibikes

Mudville USA was host to the big Pit Bike Party Weekend event & season opener of the Sho-Me State Pitbike Series in Bourbon, MO. Piranha rider Jake "The Assassin" Payne (2013 Arenacross Series Champion) had an epic Pro-class battle with Josh "The Snake" Garner (2012 Sho-Me Series State Champion). Garner was outpowered by the Daytona mounted Piranha rider, and Payne quickly disposed of his competition finishing nearly half a lap ahead of the field. In the always exciting & competitive 12" Am class, Hank "Hot-Shoe" Cahill (fresh off of his impressive results at the Mini-Moto World Finals in Vegas) took the holeshot in both motos, and never looked back. Piranha team riders James Smoot & Cody Dempsey battled it out every lap, trading places until Dempsey edged out Smoot to finish 2nd & 3rd respectively. In the popular Vet class, Pit Bike Junkie publisher "Fantasy" Jim (the world's oldest pit bike racer) took the holeshot in both motos, but the failure of his rear break after the 1st lap in moto 2 prevented the "old guy" from finishing on the podium, ending up 4th overall. Pit Bike Junkie / Piranha Team Results: 1st place Pro -- Jake "The Assassin" Payne -- Holeshot Award 1st place 12" Am -- Hank "Hot-Shoe" Cahill -- Holeshot Award 2nd place 12" Am -- Cody Dempsey 3rd place 12" Am -- James "Professor" Smoot 4th place Vet - "Fantasy" Jim -- Holeshot Award The Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Race Team is sponsored by Oneal MX, TB Parts, Pit Posse, Outlaw Racing Products, Piranha Pit Bikes, Wholesale Cycle & SourceMX). The Sho-Me State Pitbike Series has a 9-race schedule with 5 races that make up a track championship at Midway Speedway, and 4 additional races that make up the full Series. Awards will be given for both track champions & state champions for all combined races.

Pro Pit Bike Racing – Indoor Winter Nationals – Pit Bike Junkie Magazine

Pit Bike Junkie Team Rider Hank "Hot-Shoe" Cahill Takes Top Podium at The Indoor Winter Nationals! February 10, 2012 - Springfield, MO... Thousands of motorsports enthusiasts converged at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds to witness the 10th annual Motorhead Events Indoor Winter Nationals... a wild spectacle of winged karts, hot-rod lawn mowers, flat track bikes and the ever exciting outlaw pit bikes. Pit Bike Junkie’s newest team rider, 15 year old pit bike phenom Hank Cahill, finished a strong 2nd in the 12” amateur class on Friday night just inches behind 2012 Sho-Me state champion Kyle Lebow. On Saturday, at the urging of his competitors & the promoter, the young Cahill entered both the 12” amateur & 12” pro classes. Hank easily won both the qualifier & the main event in the 12” Am... but the pro class was stacked with former state champion Jake Marley & Arenacross competitors Kyle Thompson & Tyler Mease. Cahill won the pro qualifier and in the main event, took the hole-shot and never looked back. In a commanding performance with the crowd cheering him on, “Hot-Shoe” Hank Cahill from Shawnee, Kansas, led every lap and ended the night with 2 qualifier wins & 2 main event wins! As a Pit Bike Junkie team rider, Hank will be competing in the 2013 Sho-Me State Pit Bike Series on his new Piranha Daytona P150-4V. The Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Race Team (founded by “Fantasy” Jim) holds the record for most wins in the Sho-Me State Pit Bike Series with 7 State Championship titles. The Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Race Team is sponsored by OnealMX, TBparts, Pit Posse, Outlaw Racing Products, & SourceMX.

Arenacross Crashes And Pit Bike Racing – American Arenacross Series – Springfield, MO

Pit Bike Junkie team rider #549 Jake Payne sweeps the Springfield, MO arenacross this past weekend on his new Piranha Daytona 4-valve pit bike! Jake carried away 1st place on both Friday & Saturday against full starting gates! This video is brought to you by, sponsored by Piranha Pit Bikes,, Oneal MX, TBparts, Pit Posse, Outlaw Racing Products & SourceMX Graphics.

Pro Pit Bike Racing – American Arenacross Series – Jackson, MO

Pit Bike Junkie team rider Jake Payne dominated the Pro Pit Bike class during the American Arenacross Series in Jackson, MO.

VMX vs Mini-Moto – Missouri Vintage Motocross – Lots of Racing Action From Riverbottom MX

Check out all the action I recorded from the finish line grandstand during the VMX and Pit Bike races at Riverbottom MX! Watch these vintage (and mini) racers jump their bikes higher and farther than they were ever designed to go!

Vintage Motocross vs Mini-Moto – Riverbottom MX – Helmet Cam Action Footage

Check out this awesome first-person action footage as over 20 Vintage MX bikes and 10 minibikes race out onto the track at Riverbottom MX. This practice session was insane! This is a must-see motocross video!

Mudville USA – Pit Bike Party Weekend – Pit Bike Junkie Magazine

Pit Bike Junkie Magazine was the official sponsor of the big 2 day Practice/Party/Race weekend at Mudville USA in Bourbon, MO. On Saturday, riders were treated to a prepped 1.25 mile Grand Prix style track on all natural terrain. At dusk the party started with delicious BBQ, snacks, beer & "Fantasy" Jim's famous Jamaican rum punch, by a huge bonfire. Perfect weather & free camping at the track guaranteed an all night party with music & plenty of bench racing! On Sunday the racers lined up for their free Pit Bike Junkie team t-shirts, anticipating that the bar to bar action in Round 7 of the Sho-Me State Pitbike Series was going to be intense! The crowd of spectators was not disappointed! Team founder & Vet series point leader "Fantasy" Jim (the world's oldest pit bike racer) was running mid-pack but managed to increase his 1st place series lead when the 2nd place series rider blew a chain in the final lap of the 2nd moto. Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha team rider -- John "Hustler" Huskey took the holeshot & absolutely smoked the competition in the Vet class on his Daytona powered Piranha P150-4V & moved into 2nd place overall in the series with one race left to go. Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Team Results for Round 7: 1st place Vet. -- John "Hustler" Huskey (holeshot award) 1st place Youth -- Evan "Lil Hustler" Huskey 1st place Beginner -- Josh Loyd 4th place Vet -- "Fantasy" Jim 3rd place 12" Am -- Kyle "the Heat" Luttrell 5th place 12" Am -- James "Professor" Smoot The Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Race Team is sponsored by Oneal MX, TB parts, Pit Posse, Outlaw Racing Products, & Source MX Graphics. The Sho-Me State Pitbike Series final race for 2012 is at Riverbottom MX at Crybaby Campground in Lake of the Ozarks, MO. This will finish its 8 race schedule & determine the 2012 State Champions.

Mini-Moto Crashes At HLR MotorSports

Check out these high-octane, action-packed glimpses into the dark side of mini motocross.

Starting Gate Mayhem – Pure Minimoto Racing Action

Check out all this awesome footage we collected over a series of 4 races! Watch as these riders fly out of the starting gate and race towards victory!

“Fantasy” Jim Takes The Holeshot And Wins The Gold!

Check out this incredible pit bike race between our veteran riders at the Sho-Me State Pitbike Series 2012, Round 3 @ Midway MX in Lebanon, MO.

Mini Moto Mayhem – Mudville USA – Bourbon, MO

Check out our awesome ride day out at Mudville USA! We have lots of action, and some insanely awesome camera angles to make it just that much better! Pit Bike Junkie Magazine is dedicated to providing pit bike racers all across the country a more exciting ride experience! Check us out at

Epic Motocross Footage of Pit Bike Junkie Magazine’s First Pit Bike Race of 2012

You don't want to miss this amazing dirt bike footage! went to Sikeston Race Park in southern Missouri, for their first outdoor race of the year. Check out the insane on-board footage we got from a GoPro that was mounted to the front forks of a Piranha race bike. You won't believe how clear this footage came out! This video is incredible. You see everything! The rider working the shifter, the bike learning & turning, the dirt roosting & the bike flying through the air!

Massive Pit Bike Jump

Kyle Pettus jumps a 60ft table top at Riverbottom MX. Considering he is on a 12" rear wheel, this is an incredible display of skill. Check it out! Kyle won state champion, in the 12" Pro class, in the Sho-Me State Pitbike Series.

Raw Motocross Race Video – Sho-Me State Pitbike Series – Midway MX, Lebanon, MO

Piranha P160-RME Pit Bike – Vet Class – Sho-Me State Pitbike Series – Midway MX – Lebanon, MO

Piranha P160-RME Pit Bike – 12″ Class – Sho-Me State Pitbike Series – Midway MX – Lebanon, MO

Piranha ZTX 140cc Pit Bike – 10″ Class – Sho-Me State Pitbike Series – Midway MX – Lebanon, MO