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To All My Pit Bike Friends

Welcome to “Fantasy” Jim’s Pit Bike Junkie Magazine, where our goal is to promote & expand the pit bike industry & pit bike racing by supporting the riders & companies that make this awesome sport possible. Pit Bike racing offers all the fun, excitement & mayhem of motocross, but is much safer & far less expensive than big bikes.  Perfect for beginners who want a taste of competition, amateur riders on a budget (or those who just need to get up & go to work the next day), veterans (hey get off that couch & relive those glory days) & even pros who want to hone their skills, stay in shape & pick up some extra prize money.  Pit bike racing offers a great family experience in a fun & friendly atmosphere with plenty of action for all ages & all skill levels! Pit Bike Junkie Magazine will provide you with recommendations on pit bikes, parts, gear & accessories, and our Pit Bike Racing Video Playlist will provide you with access to high-performance, technical & set-up tricks that will make your pit bike perform to its maximum potential, and out-pace your competition! Pit Bike Junkie Magazine will sponsor events & ride days (with an emphasis on fun & friendly competition) to provide the opportunity to test & tune the rider’s bike & to build individual riding skills & personal relationships with other riders. So if you are a pit bike enthusiast, a track owner that wants to add pit bike racing to your schedule or a supplier of pit bikes, parts, gear & accessories…  We invite you to come join the fun that we are having on Pit Bike Junkie Magazine! “Fantasy” Jim Publisher/Founder Find Us On Google+
Chad Reed (left) & "Fantasy" Jim (right)

"Fantasy" Jim with Supercross Legend Chad Reed at the Motorcycle Industry Dealer Expo in Indianapolis

Photo: During one of my trips to the International Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, I was scouring the show for the most exciting new pit bike products and ran into Supercross legend Chad Reed (who had just become a Team owner with his new Two Two Motorsports).  After trading a few “team secrets” Chad was to fly into San Diego the next day where he went on to win the Supercross race that same night!  I’d like to think that my words of encouragement had something to do with his 1st win as a team owner…  Or maybe not…  But as a team owner/rider, he is definitely one of my heroes in the sport!