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Round 2 – 2013 Sho-Me State Pitbike Series – Midway Speedway

Race Report

Sho-Me Series Director Steve Bales, Wasted Away In Margaritaville, Searching For His Lost Shaker of Salt

Sho-Me Series Director Steve Bales, Wasted Away In Margaritaville, Searching For His Lost Shaker of Salt

June 25, 2013 – St. Louis, MO:

Hank “Hot-Shoe” Cahill Continues Winning Streak

Midway Speedway in Lebanon, MO was host to Round 2 of the ShoMe State Pit Bike Series. After 4 rain-outs, riders were anxious to race & compete for points toward the State Championship titles.

In the ultra-competitive 12” Am. class…Hank “Hot-Shoe” Cahill (2013 Indoor Winter Nationals Champion) took the holeshot in Moto 1 and easily disposed of the competition leading every lap for a 1st place finish. In Moto 2 Piranha team rider James “Professor” Smoot took the holeshot and had a substantial lead for 3 laps but Cahill was making up ground fast after a poor start. Unfortunately Piranha teammate Cody Dempsey (who was running 2nd) went down hard in front of Cahill and became a berm for the hard-charging #7 Piranha. Cahill would pass Smoot for the 1/1 and overall win in the class while Piranha teammates Smoot & Dempsey would finish 3rd & 4th for the day. Dempsey would take home a set of tire tracks across his back and vowed never to leave his body armor at home again.

In the always entertaining Vet class…Pit Bike Junkie Publisher ”Fantasy” Jim (the world’s oldest pit bike racer) took the Moto 1 holeshot and led every lap until Doug “Nick Novice” Scrounce (Kawasaki pilot who had been stalking the old guy) made the pass in the final corner. Jim claims a shift to neutral allowed that pass (but who really knows?). In Moto 2 it would be the “old guys” revenge as he took the holeshot & led every lap for the overall win for the day. Nick Novice missed his chance at a sweep when he took himself out with his aggressive riding style & collision with Fantasy’s rear wheel.

Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Team Results:

1st place 12” Am – Hank “Hot-Shoe” Cahill – Holeshot Award (Moto 1)
3rd place 12” Am – James “Professor” Smoot – Holeshot Award (Moto 2)
4th place 12” Am – Cody Dempsey – Sporting a new tire track tattoo
1st place Vet – “Fantasy” Jim – Holeshot Award (Moto 1 & 2)

The Pit Bike Junkie/Piranha Race Team is sponsored by OnealMX, TBparts, Pit Posse, Outlaw Racing Products, Piranha Pit Bikes, Wholesale Cycle & SourceMX).

The ShoMe State Pit Bike Series has a 9 race schedule with 5 races that make up a track championship at Midway Speedway and 4 additional races that make up the full Series. Awards will be given for both track champions & state champions for all combined races.